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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
14-01-22 22:26
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Hi Connor teacher. I'm candy. Happy birthday, teacher!
To be honest, I forgot about your birthday. When korean teacher said to student to write this, i remembered it. So I don't have any birthday present... Sorry. But really I knew when is your birthday! Don't misunderstand me.
When you come to ECY at first time, I think you know student's mind well. Like 'Don't make student study too much' or 'Student like sweets'. And you remember our birthday and you give preset too. Sometimes we play, so students can study well. I want you don't go to your country back, and teach us .

connor 14-01-23 13:38
Thank you Candy! I'm glad I get to teach you at ECY, you're a very smart and kind student. Teaching you is very enjoyable, and I'm happy that you like my style of teaching.
candy 14-01-23 21:18
Thank you. I'm glad you get to teach me at ECY, too